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All about interaction.

Foldre is a one-of-a-kind iOS file management app that provides an icon-based interface — exactly like on a traditional PC. Our intuitive, light, and fast app lets you quickly move, manage, and delete your files. With built-in Dropbox integration, you can seamlessly manage files between your device and the cloud — as if they were the same thing.

Best of all? It's free.


Foldre is an all-in-one solution for files on the go.

Music & Photos

With built-in music and photo support, Foldre lets you browse, play, and preview without leaving the app!

Foldre's custom built-in music player supports standard audio formats such as MP3. In addition to music support, we let you easily add photos from your photo library into Foldre's local storage.

Seamless Dropbox

Truly seamless.

From Foldre's perspective, there's almost no difference between cloud storage and local storage. All the same operations you can do with your local files can be done on Dropbox.


Yes, delete it. Maybe.

We know that you sometimes delete files by accident, so we added a Trash folder into Foldre.

ZIP Support

We understand sharing.

We know that people love using ZIP files to share multiple files by packing them inside an archive. Foldre has built-in support to extract and zip files together.


Foldre is smart and knows how people share and want to share files.


Instead of handing physical folders and files, Foldre lets you utilize the power of Bluetooth to share files.

With Bluetooth, you can find other devices running Foldre and easily share files between devices.


Files have wings.

Leveraging the power of Apple's built-in Mail app, Foldre lets you send multiple files straight from the app as well as open and store files from Mail directly into Foldre.

Third-Party Support

Foldre loves networking.

Foldre integrates deeply with Apple's natural file-extension handling and supports opening files in other apps — such as books in Amazon's Kindle or Apple's iBooks app as well as allowing other apps to open and store into Foldre — such as Apple's Safari app.

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