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Redefining Search

Define takes a whole new approach to searching the web. Instead of crawling through lists of websites with relevant keywords, Define bypasses all that unnecessary baggage and goes straight to the trusted sources.


Define gives a fresh take on learning.

From the minimalistic home screen to the fluid history, Define is the best dictionary reference in the App Store.


Searching shouldn't be difficult, and Define makes it easy.

When launching the app, Define opens up the keyboard for you – ready to search. If you have anything on your clipboard, Define will automatically paste it into the search field.

On the iPhone 4S and newer, Voice Dictation will help you search without the mess.


Our custom module view creates gorgeous, interactive buttons to direct you to the sources.


Define understands that learning new phrases, terms, and pop culture takes some time to soak in, so we built a history that keeps track of all your searches and filters them by day, month, and year.

Clutter Free

Sometimes you don't want to see certain sources in your results, so we give you full access to toggle the modules you want to see.


Our users love our app almost as much as we do.


Being the curious cat that I am, I definitely enjoy using this app to do research. It weeds out the garbage & delivers organized and informative results. It also keeps a list of all your search history so you can easily reference them at any time. Definitely a clever app that I would recommend to other curios people. Perfect for students too ;)

Lenea-marie gave us ★★★★★

Great App!!

Very complete and easy to use a real time saver. Keep the good work! All utility apps must be this simple and time saver.

PEGY501 gave us ★★★★★

the best dictionary

It really is the best dictionary out of the ones ive tried. Really light in size yet very functional and fast.

howdy~ gave us ★★★★★

d: i love it

Love the design.

Alejandro Alzamora gave us ★★★★★

Great app, simple Because it needs to be

Really. All utility apps need to be this fast and simple.

Jesse kunze gave us ★★★★★

Saved My Social Life

As an intellectual, I often find that people are repulsed by my vast knowledge and tend to avoid me like the Black Plague in social situations. But now, with Define, I now have a rouse to channel that knowledge through when people ask questions like "how was this Alfredo sauce made?" or "how do it train my dog?" I'll simply look up the correct response to the inquiry via Define and pretend to be surprised with the results. Maybe I'll even learn a few new tid-bits of knowledge in the process...although that's unlikely. Regardless, I owe it all to Define Without which, I would still be a social pariah.

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